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What is Hot Sale? Hot Sale in Supermarkets

Are you wondering what hot selling is? Are you wondering how hot selling is done in supermarkets?

In this article, you will be sure what hot selling is and how hot selling is realised in grocery stores. We will be talking about how to efficiently manage the hot selling operation from end to end.


Digital Marketing Manager

Marketlerde Sıcak Satış

Hot sales are the sales that take place during customer and potential customer visits made by placers in the field with the aim of marketing the product or service and turning it into sales.

The placers visit the retail sales points (markets) in the routine plan. During these visits, he/she can immediately sell the products in his/her vehicle, issue the invoice and make the collection.

Since the customer can buy the products immediately, it does not sell out, as it is known. This brings customer satisfaction.

Hot Sale in Supermarkets

Hot Selling operation achieves success in direct proportion to the performance of the agent. Increasing the efficiency of the placement agent has a positive impact on sales. However, individual skills in the field alone are insufficient in today’s competitive environment.


  • Customer Information
  • Product Stock Control
  • Invoicing
  • Collection
  • New Customer Login

They have to successfully manage many operational tasks, such as the transfer of the entire process to the head office.

These transactions are more operational effort and cost than necessary for businesses. It also negatively affects the productivity of the placers. It also leads to lower sales, fewer visits and customer dissatisfaction.

Businesses can easily manage these processes by adapting to the new world order  digital transformation  with software solutions. They can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort. By increasing the number of customer visits and the time allocated to the customer, they do not miss potential customer opportunities.

Our customers who use the SDR Mobile Field Sales Program increase their performance as they can perform many transactions in the field in a short time.

Sıcak Satış Temsilcisi Plasiyer

From the cashier’ s mobile device;

  • See customer profile
  • See which product is sold at which point and how often
  • See real-time stock status in the vehicle warehouse
  • Invoice and collect with one click
  • See the customer’s current account in real time and make appropriate sales according to the risk level
  • Accurately transfer the entire operation to the head office in real time

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SDR Mobile, where businesses in the sales and distribution sector can professionally manage all end-to-end sales operations, makes life easier for managers at the center and representatives in the field.

They can measure and manage their performance by reporting according to various targets.

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