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What is Cold Selling? How to Cold Sell Effectively?

Do you want to know what cold selling is? Do you need details on how it works? Have you thought about cold selling using software?

In this article, you will learn the concept of cold selling. You will also discover how to make effective and efficient sales using software.


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Soğuk Satış Nedir? Etkili Soğuk Satış Nasıl Yapılır?

What is cold selling?

Wholesale sales made by placers to local and national chain markets.
The placers make their visits using a passenger car. In hot sales, the placers use a pick-up truck.
The sales representative takes orders. Initiates the shipment operation. Products are distributed and delivered to the branch or warehouse as planned. If the products are not in stock, they start the production process.
In hot sales, the placers take orders from the products in their vehicles and deliver them immediately. He or she arranges and organizes the products on the aisle.

How to make effective cold selling?

For an effective and efficient sale, the placekeeper should make sure that he/she knows the location and the condition of the products to be sold.
  1. What is the central warehouse stock status?
  2. Any pending orders?
  3. Which product sells the most?
  4. What is the customer’s collection performance?
So how can the agent quickly find the answers to these questions?
From our customers SDR Mobile application, cold sales placers can do this with just a few clicks. The app gives them instant access to the critical information they need.

Customer and branch specific insights

The app improves and enhances the customer and agent experience. The ability of the salesperson to see the point of sale and customer characteristics instantly increases their productivity.
The app solves such issues instead of him/her. It helps the salesperson to focus on sales, which has a positive impact on their performance.
The result is more customer visits and more turnover.

Central warehouse stock and pending order control

Before taking an order for a product, the placers pay attention to two points;
  1. Do I have this product in my central warehouse? Is it enough?
  2. Has this product been ordered before? Has it been delivered?
Bekleyen Sipariş ve Stok Kontrolü
The application allows you to quickly see these two points on one screen.
In this way, it does not take orders for products that are not in stock. At the same time, duplicate ordering is prevented because it sees who is waiting.

Best-selling products

The application provides a report of the most sold and unsold products for each point of sale. It determines this statistically by checking all sales data related to the point.

En Çok Satan Ürünler
This situation facilitates and accelerates the sales of the placers and saves time. When necessary, he/she can place an order without going to the branch.
The result is less effort, less cost.

Risk management: Collection performance

The app allows the customer to see their collection performance and open account. This enables the cashier to easily manage customer risk.
Tahsilat Performansı
Ultimately, it can make a sale that it is confident of collecting.
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