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Those Who Prefer Us

Our references are our customers who are already using our products.

Ceyhan TIRPAN - Biota

SDR Dealer Management System illuminates the gray areas of trade. It enables us to trade with our distributors in a mutually secure manner. Its structure based on the dynamics of sales and distribution is a great advantage for us.

Ceyhan TIRPAN - Biota
Rating: 7

Before switching to the SDR Commercial system, we were using different software for accounting, BI reporting and mobile field sales. With SDR Commercial, we started to manage all our processes with a single software system. Therefore, we got rid of integration problems between applications. In addition, the most important advantage of SDR Commercial is that it is a sector-specific application, as well as meeting the additional software development demands specific to our company.

Rüstem GAZİOĞLU - Bimat
Rating: 6
Mr. Mehmet ŞAKALAK

Açılımsoft is a company that constantly renews itself and is open to development and suggestions. With their quality products and services, they are always by our side with their support in our operations that are getting harder day by day.

Mehmet ŞAKALAK - Duru Bulgur
Rating: 5

With the SDR mobile application, we have made our sales force more effective and efficient in the field.At this point, I would like to thank the Açılımsoft team for making our work easier and wish them success.

Fatih ZIRHLIOĞLU - Zırhlıoğlu
Rating: 6
Mrs. Nurdan ÖZDEMİR

Thee-S system we use for the field team is very useful. We can provide instant controls of the whole team. We can analyze price, display and competitor activity information, which is critical for us. We have the opportunity to instantly see the routines of the field team and their work during the day. I congratulate you for your successful work on the system.

Nurdan ÖZDEMİR - Fora Zeytin
Rating: 6
Mr. Yağdıran AÇIK

With Three-S route management module, we can make route planning by seeing the GPS locations of the sales points we serve from a bird’s eye view on the map. We can reach more efficient routes by analyzing the time and route analysis of the routes we have planned. We can analyze the in-route visit performances and out-of-route visit performances of our field team on a general, regional and person basis. In addition, we can instantly access and report all the pictures of the displays that are very important to us. Most importantly, Açılım support team is with us even in our smallest needs…

Yağdıran AÇIK - Marmara Birlik
Rating: 5
Mr. Çınar ULUSOY

With 3S software, we successfully manage our processes such as data collection from the field, field team management, performance bonus management, order taking, etc. Although 3S software includes many functionalities in this field, Açılım team supported us a lot in incorporating our additional development requests into the software. In addition, the team’s visiting the field with us and meeting with the people who will use the application increased the success of the project. We would like to thank Açılım for their support.

Çınar ULUSOY - DyDo
Rating: 5
Mr. Mustafa KÖSE

The communication side of Açılımsoft is very good, no issue communicated by us is left open and resolved quickly. This affects the success of the project and total quality. Before Three-S, it was difficult for managers to control and supervise the teams. Thanks to the manager mobile application, managers can easily check their teams during and at the end of the day and thus plan to improve the performance of the teams. Instant and end-of-day checks can be made on the phone without opening the computer. This saves us a lot of time.

Mustafa KÖSE - Doğuş Çay
Rating: 5
Mr. Hadi Kuru

Thanks to Three-S, our field operation team easily collects data such as Price, Activity, Stock, Shelf Compliance, Shelf Image, Front Face and Shelf Shares, which are very valuable for us, by visiting the points determined in the route plan with GPS control. We can make all the reports and analyzes we need based on this collected data. Thanks to visit performance analysis, we can make the most accurate route plans and measure them. I would also like to congratulate the support management of the Açılım team during and after the project.

Hadi Kuru - Sleepy
Rating: 5
Mr. Burçin Tüzemen

Three-S enables us to professionally manage the communication and coordination process with our field team, which is located in different locations and has a large number of field teams.

Burçin TÜZEMEN - Hayat Kimya
Rating: 7
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