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Meet the professional mobile field sales program.

Enable your team to reach maximum performance with minimum effort by focusing on sales.

  • Hot & Cold Sale
  • New Customer Registration in the Field
  • Invoice and Collection Procedures
  • Instant Visit and Sales Reports
  • Online & Offline Transactions
  • Fast and Easy Sales in the Field
Mobil Saha Satış Programı

Industry leaders prefer us with 1,000+ users in the field.


Before switching to the SDR Commercial system, we were using different software for accounting, BI reporting and mobile field sales. With SDR Commercial, we started to manage all our processes…

Rüstem GAZİOĞLU - Bimat
Rating: 6
Mr. Hadi Kuru

Thanks to Three-S, our field operation team easily collects data such as Price, Activity, Stock, Shelf Compliance, Shelf Image, Front Face and Shelf Shares, which are very valuable for us,…

Hadi Kuru - Sleepy
Rating: 5

With the SDR mobile application, we have made our sales force more effective and efficient in the field.At this point, I would like to thank the Açılımsoft team for making…

Fatih ZIRHLIOĞLU - Zırhlıoğlu
Rating: 6

Mobile Field Sales Program

Meet the mobile application with 20 years of experience in the sales and distribution sector, where businesses can easily manage their field sales operations.

Quick Overview of Achievements

It significantly increases performance by enabling the placers to manage the entire sales process in the field quickly and easily. The application, which has a very high user experience, reduces operational effort and increases customer visits thanks to its easy use and access power. Saving time and operational effort, the placers do not miss potential customers and seize sales opportunities.

In the center, the operator gains the capabilities to monitor and control all processes in real time. The decision support mechanism starts to work faster and more efficiently.

Work synchronized and integrated with the head office.

Synchronize the field and the center. Use SDR Mobile freely.

Use with our SDR Trade App

Use our great SDR Mobile and Commercial apps together. Reduce your costs and get healthy support services from one place. Easily and quickly transition from your old system without disrupting your existing structure.

Use Integrated into Your Commercial Program

Seamlessly integrate with known commercial accounting programs. Start using SDR Mobile without changing your central commercial application.

Enable your hot and cold sales operations.

Define your vehicle as a warehouse. Create a request for the products you will load. Make the transfer after the approved requests turn into a transfer receipt. Start your visits according to your routine plan.

See warehouse stock and pending order status during customer visits. Make sure you do not receive duplicate orders.

Access all sales data. Check low and high selling products. Create your sales strategy. Enter orders.

See collection performance and open account. Manage customer risk.

Issue invoices for your e-invoice and e-archive taxpayer customers. Print from the printer in your car. Update product stock status.

Sıcak & Soğuk Satış
Easily Realise Your Hot and Cold Sales in the Field

Create new customer registration in the field.

Create new customer records instantly without the need for a head office. Easily realize your sales without wasting time and effort.Minimize operational processes. Don’t miss out on more visits, sales and leads.

Create New Customer Registration in the Field
Sahada Yeni Müşteri Kaydı Oluşturun

Ensure efficient route management.

Work according to a daily, weekly or monthly visit schedule. Start your visits with GPS location control. Make sure you are in the right spot.Receive orders from the points you visit.

Enter in-routine or out-of-routine, phone or e-mail orders into the system without visits. Be sales-oriented.

Verimli rut yönetimi GPS konum kontrollü ziyaret
Plan Effective Visits

Access and analyze real-time sales reports.

Analyze daily, weekly and monthly sales by customer, product group, product and manufacturer.

See real-time or historical reports of invoiced, shipped and pending orders.

Report your customers’ invoice-based closed and open invoices as cumulative or detailed.

See vehicle or central warehouse stocks. See sales and discounts of products.Access, report and analyze all sales data.

Real-time sales reports
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495 / Monthly.1 User
990 / Monthly3 User
1.650 / Monthly5 User

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Mobile Field Sales Program

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