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Customer Risk Management: The Way to Control Risks

Customer risk management is critical for every business. Your sales performance in the field may be good. However, if your collections are not at the same rate, the danger bells are ringing.

In this article, we will talk about how businesses should conduct customer risk analysis; we will talk about the system that will enable them to categorize customers and take risks under control with correct collection.


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Müşteri Risk Yönetimi: Riskleri Kontrol Altına Almanın Yolu

What is Customer Risk?

Customer risk can be expressed as a series of measures to be taken to prevent financial crises in the post-sales collection processes of businesses. Each business may have its own measures. However, it is most ideal to take it under control with automation systems.

For example, your sales representative is about to sell a product at a point he/she has never met before. However, without knowing critical information such as the customer’s payment history and current account deficit, the sale may bring collection problems. This means a potential risk for your business.

How Should Risk Management Be?

Instead, by using an automation system, he checks the customer profile before the visit from his mobile device and has all the critical information.  It can realize its sales confidently and successfully.

As this is the case for existing customers, each new customer creates their own profile over time. It is recorded in the system and included in the process.

Thanks to automation, the head office can set restrictions for cold sales or hot sales based on the customer’s collection performance. For example, if there has been no collection from this customer in the last 15 days, it can issue a warning by preventing new orders or invoices.

Can look at the customer’s current account statement, see the due and overdue invoices. It can easily manage the risk of the point by seeing the collection performance and open account of the point.

Customer risk is controlled and agent performance is improved.

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