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Use SDR Commercial at HQ, SDR Mobile in the Field

If you wish, you can use the SDR Commercial program instead of the commercial software you use at the center. In the field, enable your field sales operations by using SDR Mobile. Some of the many advantages are as follows;

Quick Overview of Achievements

The problem of coordination between applications is eliminated. You start managing the entire process through a single system. Thus, monitoring and control processes become faster and more efficient. Operational effort and costs are minimized. You get support from one place.

Since SDR Ticari is a very comprehensive accounting program, you can manage all of your pre-accounting and official accounting processes. It stands out as a software written specifically for the sales and distribution sector. It meets the needs of small, medium and large businesses.

You can quickly and easily transition from your old system without disrupting your existing structure.


1.150 / Monthly1 Center, 1 Field User
1.485 / Monthly1 Center, 3 Field User
2.475 / Monthly1 Center, 5 Field User

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