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Quick Overview of Achievements

Enable your sales operations at headquarters and in the field.

In the center, you will have a commercial accounting program where you can easily perform basic pre-accounting and more. In addition, you will ensure that your field sales are automatically processed in the center.

By enabling the salesperson to manage the entire sales process in the field quickly and easily, you will significantly increase performance. The application, which has a very high user experience, reduces operational effort and increases customer visits thanks to its easy use and access power. Saving time and operational effort, the placers do not miss potential customers and seize sales opportunities.

In the center, the operator has access to the possibility to monitor and control all processes in real time. The decision support mechanism starts working faster and more efficiently.

Get Professional After Sales Support

Your support requests, whether from our call center or by e-mail, are opened as a ticket in our system. The whole process is followed through this ticket. Your support request is finalized as soon as possible. A healthy communication is ensured.


2.640 / Monthly1 Center, 3 Field Users
3.300 / Monthly1 Center, 5 Field Users
5.940 / Monthly3 Centers, 3 Field Users
6.600 / Monthly3 Center, 5 Field Users

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