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Pull Data Directly from Your Reseller's Commercial Application


“You cannot control what you cannot measure.”

It is vital for your trade to monitor the sales operations of your products at the retail points of your dealers, and to keep track of issues such as which products are sold to which points and under what conditions. 

Product lifecycle data contains the metrics you need for successful measurement, effective planning and decision support. It enables you to discover new ways to drive continuous improvement and profitable growth for your business.

One of the ways to access this data is to pull data directly from your customer’s business program.

How does it work?

“Illuminate the gray areas of your trade.”

We enable you to automatically retrieve critical data such as sales, stock, returns of your products from the dealer’s commercial program via web service.

You can easily have the important data you need without any cost and operational effort on the dealer’s side. You can continuously improve your projects and operations with fast and reliable data and enable your decision support mechanism.

Create valuable reports with rich data.

Achieve effective results with in-depth analysis.

Mr. Mehmet ŞAKALAK

Açılımsoft is a company that constantly renews itself and is open to development and suggestions. With their quality products and services, they are always by our side with their support…

Mehmet ŞAKALAK - Duru Bulgur
Rating: 5
Ceyhan TIRPAN - Biota

SDR Dealer Management System illuminates the gray areas of trade. It enables us to trade with our distributors in a mutually secure manner. Its structure based on the dynamics of…

Ceyhan TIRPAN - Biota
Rating: 7

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