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What is a Routing Plan? How to Create an Effective Rut Plan?

The concept of routine is very familiar to manufacturers, dealers, distribution or marketing companies that conduct field sales or customer visits.

The placers or merchandisers move to the retail outlets they will visit according to the daily, weekly or monthly routine plan planned by their managers.

A Routing Plan is a study that reveals which representative should visit which locations and which points.


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Rut Planı Nedir? Etkili Rut Planı Nasıl Oluşturulur?

What to Consider When Creating an Effective Routing Plan?

Critical in the sales funnel, the Routing Plan is also crucial for the performance of the field team.

The ultimate goal of routine planning is to achieve the best possible performance for the agent. By achieving more visits in less time, customer satisfaction, availability of products, being more competitive and efficient use of time are all possible.

  • Scheduling sales points that are close to each other on the same day minimizes the agent’s time on the road, resulting in more customer visits and fuel savings.
  • Taking into account the visiting days of rival companies eliminates the ground for competition.
  • Make sure that the location is accessible by car (long-term road works, neighborhood markets, etc. transportation problems)

Is Your Routing Plan Working in the Field? Are Agents Loyal to Your Plan?

Your Rut plan is ready. You want to make sure your field team sticks to your strategic and performance-based Rut plan. And you want to control the whole process.

You know that you need to act according to the “plan, monitor, measure, manage” rule and that this can only be possible by using a “software”.

Yes, because these stages are critical in a successful sales funnel.

Since this article is only about the Routing plan, we don’t want to digress. However, if you need a software at this point or if you are using a software but you are not satisfied, you can find detailed information about our easy-to-use Three-S application, which is the most used in Turkey and very popular by merchants and managers, from the banner below.

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