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How Does the Field Team Track All Activities?

Field teams have standardized tasks for each point, but keeping track of them can be difficult in their busy schedules. They have to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Three-S (Field Team Management) mobile application “Performance Summary” service makes this very easy and fast.


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Saha Ekibi Tüm Aktivitelerini Nasıl Takip Eder?

On the dates they set; They can quickly see the details of Planned, Actual, In-Route, Out-of-Route and Total visits and check their success rates.

They can get a detailed report for each day in the past and access critical data such as the time of arrival and duration of stay.

Merchants can easily check all their transactions on a single screen with the “Performance Summary” service and make sure that there is no missed work. They can also increase their motivation by analyzing their success status.

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