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Field Team Management: Competitive Advantage Analysis

You should keep competitor activities under constant control in your field sales operations. Your attitude on this issue will result in money loss or gain for your business in a competitive environment.


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Saha Ekip Yönetimi: Rekabet Avantajı Analizi

The Importance of Competitor Analysis in Your Field Sales Operations

If a competitor has started selling new product(s) at any of your sales points, you must compete with a counter move. In this context, it is vital to instantly transfer the data collected in the field to the head office.

You can imagine how difficult and time-consuming it is to perform many manual operations such as transferring, recording, tracking and reporting this data.

Your competitors are getting ahead of the competition and seizing sales opportunities by using automation systems.

Rakip Firma Analizi

Case Study

With the Three-S Field Team Management App, let’s see how easily you can manage according to the above scenario.

Your sales representative can access the product using the “New Product” module from the application on his/her mobile device;

  • Which Company
  • Which Product
  • Product Price
  • Product Photo

information into the system and presents it to the manager. This takes only a few minutes for the agent.

The manager can easily report these notifications thanks to the “New Product Notification List” module. It provides control and makes a quick decision to initiate the necessary work. Even if this data is entered into the system at the same time at all points of sale, it can automatically report all of them and analyze their details.

At the end of the day, competitive advantage is achieved along with the sales opportunity.

With Three-S Field Team Management, data collection and reporting is very easy. The system enables you to make fast and accurate decisions by obtaining analytical reports and increases your productivity.

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