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Three-S Modules

Discover what the app can do for your business.

Route Management

You can easily make routine planning by seeing the GPS locations of the retail outlets you serve from a bird’s eye view on the map.

Price Analyses

You can instantly access the selling prices of your products and competitor products at all points of sale visited by your team.

Display Reports

Pictures of displays and activities can be taken to check compliance with standards and archived.

Product Penetration

Control the availability of your products at points of sale. Activate your penetration strategies.

Problem and Note Management

You can collect and easily analyze problems and notes from the field.

Shelf Images

You can take pictures of the shelf and check the plonogram alignment.

Shelf Front Face Tracking

You can perform shelf share analysis using the front-end information of your products and competitor products collected by your teams.

Stock Tracking

With the stock control module, you can prevent your products from disappearing and prevent sales losses.

Maliyet Analizleri

Maliyet modülü sayesinde nokta bazında ve ana market bazında personellerinizin harcadıkları eforu zaman ve TL bazında takip edebilirsiniz.

Teşhir Yarışmaları

Bölge, ekip ve kişi bazında Teşhir yarışmaları düzenleyip teşhir tiplerine puan vererek ekiplerinizin performanslarını artmasını sağlayabilir ve oyunlaştırma yoluyla işlerini daha eğlenceli bir şekilde yapmaları için motive edebilirsiniz.


You can see the information of inserts and leaflets collected from the field by your teams, including their pictures, and make a wide variety of analyzes.

Visit Performances

Your teams can track their visit performance on a day, week, month basis. You can analyze in-route and out-of-route compliance, including the permissions used.

POP Materials

Thanks to this module, which we have developed by working on it with great precision, you can track your POP materials.


You can define the surveys you need, analyze the answers and export them to Excel. Survey question answers can be defined as multiple-choice, single-choice and description. Form definitions can be planned on the basis of region, point and personnel.


With the Three-S task module, tasks can be defined on the basis of region, point and personnel. The obligation to take pictures can be added to the defined tasks. Task responses can be reported in detail and exported to Excel.

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